What Kinds Of Display Booths are Best

Depending on your company, there are many different options when it comes to design an event display booth and representing your company at a trade show. There are quite a few characteristics to contemplate as you search for the appropriate model, though once you have identified the key characteristics, creating an event display that makes your company really pop is not a challenge at all, especially if you use IGE Group to create your display booth.

greer-trade-show-boothAs we all are familiar, trade booth displays can take any kind of shape or form. The most important traits of an event display booth is that it makes your company’s name, catch phrases, logo, and purpose really shine so that potential clients and customers are easily able to see the work that you do and the services that you provide. Many companies use pop up displays, banners, flat paneled designs, and other various paraphernalia to make this a reality. Certainly, all display booths vary in size, complexity, cost, and other factors, but all use bold images in order to attract customers and clients and hold them there long enough for a sales representative to give them a pitch or hand them literature about the company.

Depending on your company’s purpose, vision, and mission, there are many variations of the classic trade booth that you can play with in order to make your trade show experience as profitable and exciting for you and your potential customers or clients as possible! First, consider who you are as a business or company. That seems like a straightforward question, but the answer to this question can help identify some of the most important things you need to know when designing your trade booth. For example, if you are a smaller business or company that is looking to emerge into a larger market, you must consider who or what you are currently viewed as versus what you desired to be viewed as. Not only should you stay true to your principles as a company, but you should think about what the competition will bring at said trade shows with their trade show event display booths. You must be prepared for their displays and know how you will make yourself not only stand out but be understood as the company you both are and desire to be.

The most basic part of a trade show display is often the wall surface portion. This section of the event display board is intended to display graphics. The graphics displayed on the back wall section are often a simple graphic itself or a velcro compatible wall on which a variety of images and other products and pieces can easily be affixed. Said products are generally plastic or acrylic in nature. Trade show displays can also include physical structures that are hung from the ceiling over the larger trade show booths. This is certainly a way to attract attention. The use of the full three-dimensional space your company is given can really take your display to the next level!