Trade Show Display Rental Vs Purchase

Trade shows can be a great source of advertisement and future income if they are approached right and done successfully. For many businesses, trade shows are their bread and butter and well worth the expense to invest in. But the cost for a successful trade show booth can be high and for some businesses it is not necessary to own the exhibit.

For businesses or individuals who are just starting out or are marketing a new product, the cost to purchase a trade show booth outright may be an expense they are not prepared to make. For a successfully established business, trade show dates can overlap and create the need for a temporary second trade show booth rentals. Whatever the reason, if you need a booth but don’t want to buy one, renting a display may be the best solution.

Renting your booth allows you to try different sizes and themes to find what fits your product and services. Some trade show display rentals can be quite complex and heavy, requiring multiple people and hours to set up while others can be simple one-person projects to put up and take down. Renting allows you the luxury of discovering what your needs and wants are before you are committed to one style.

tradeshowboothThe successful display booth should stand out from the other booths nearby and at the same time it should draw the attention of consumers by looking inviting and unique. But most important is that the booth space should be a creative and accurate reflection of the product it is showcasing.

By renting a space you can fine-tune what your display ultimately looks like and what it ultimately says about your product. Remember, when you are putting together a booth you are essentially putting a room together complete with a floor, walls and furniture.

The control over what your space will look like depends on your choices from the size of the display, to its theme. The size of a display you need will of course vary depending on the size of aspace you rent. It is always nice to have a booth to which you can add on for larger space rentals or decrease for smaller space sizes.

Even if you choose to keep your space small and use only a table, you should still utilize every inch of space possible. This includes the space above you with hanging displays that allow your name to stand out above the crowd and make your space easy to navigate to in the hustle and bustle of the show.

If you are not ready for a permanent booth, renting can be the best option available and will allow you to fine-tune what works and weed out what does not. When you are ready to buy your trade show display instead of renting, you will get exactly what you know works.