If you have been to a trade show, then you are familiar with the unpopular site of unending rows of tables covered with boring backdrops and draped cloth. What standout in this environment? What grabs your attention? Honestly speaking, the response is nothing! While common perception tells us that significant investment in time and money is needed to pull off a successful tradeshow, this is partly true.

In case you are wondering how you can get your brand into minds of prospective customers and look grand at your tradeshow without breaking the bank, herein are 5 ways that you can accomplish your objective effectively.

Trade Show
1. Setup a unique brand-based Theme:

Forget the flashy expensive stuff. Your theme needs not be expensive or elaborate. It simply needs to be allied to your brand or sales pitch. For instance, if you are representing a coffee selling firm, you could put up a coffee shop simple theme, inclusive of staffers all dressed as typical baristas together with lattés for ordering.

You can also use geographical location of your firm to establish your theme. For instance, you can consider going for a standard western theme if your firm is located in Texas.

You can also minimize the spends on the booth if you consider renting options, luckily today there are many offers available on the market so you can find a rental display that will look as same good as a custom booth but much cheaper.

2. Contests:

While it is a common sight for exhibitors in trade shows to splurge on simple giveaway products which they hand out to virtually everybody that makes a stop at their display, go out of the norm and establish a relatively less expensive and highly effective technique-hold a contest. Not only will a contest save you costs and set you apart from the other exhibitors, it will also weed out potential clients from the uninterested lot.

3. Host simple Games, and be sure to include Prizes!

If your stand includes fun games related to your niche, while your competitors down the groove having nothing more than neatly decorated tables and brochures, where else do you presume potential clients will be streaming to? Ensure your games are fun and capture people’s attention.

Moreover, don’t restrict yourself to just one game or a common game. Think of what would amuse your trade show potentials and go for it. If the games are engaging, are properly executed and have prizes all up for grabs, your trade show will definitely carry the day!

4. Superbly make use of Use video and audio content:

Prepare a simple video-audio presentation for your product that is engaging and captivating and present it to your prospects. Compliment your modular or portable with a simple video kit.

It can be as simple as adding a monitor, monitor mount or a keyboard shelf. With the informative and interactive nature of video presentations, attendees will be drawn to your exhibit like a moth is to a typical light bulb.

trade show booth

5. Impress with Special Effects:

One of the simplest and most pocket-friendly techniques you can use is using special effects to your advantage. For instance, if you are showcasing products, made of natural ingredients, you can maybe play your audience a recording having rainforest sounds. Additionally, you can make use of a spotlight to highlight your exclusive flagship product.


Whether it is a simple small business you run or a respected Fortune 500 firm, trade shows can significantly contribute to the overall success of a business. Through trade fairs, both small and large businesses can showcase their products in a common platform; and one thing about this particular game, it is not about who flashes most funds, it is about who was better prepared. With these few techniques, you should be more than prepared!