If you have been to a trade show, then you are familiar with the unpopular site of unending rows of tables covered with boring backdrops and draped cloth. What standout in this environment? What grabs your attention? Honestly speaking, the response is nothing! While common perception tells us that significant investment in time and money is needed to pull off a successful tradeshow, this is partly true.

In case you are wondering how you can get your brand into minds of prospective customers and look grand at your tradeshow without breaking the bank, herein are 5 ways that you can accomplish your objective effectively.

Trade Show
1. Setup a unique brand-based Theme:

Forget the flashy expensive stuff. Your theme needs not be expensive or elaborate. It simply needs to be allied to your brand or sales pitch. For instance, if you are representing a coffee selling firm, you could put up a coffee shop simple theme, inclusive of staffers all dressed as typical baristas together with lattés for ordering.

You can also use geographical location of your firm to establish your theme. For instance, you can consider going for a standard western theme if your firm is located in Texas.

You can also minimize the spends on the booth if you consider renting options, luckily today there are many offers available on the market so you can find a rental display that will look as same good as a custom booth but much cheaper.

2. Contests:

While it is a common sight for exhibitors in trade shows to splurge on simple giveaway products which they hand out to virtually everybody that makes a stop at their display, go out of the norm and establish a relatively less expensive and highly effective technique-hold a contest. Not only will a contest save you costs and set you apart from the other exhibitors, it will also weed out potential clients from the uninterested lot.

3. Host simple Games, and be sure to include Prizes!

If your stand includes fun games related to your niche, while your competitors down the groove having nothing more than neatly decorated tables and brochures, where else do you presume potential clients will be streaming to? Ensure your games are fun and capture people’s attention.

Moreover, don’t restrict yourself to just one game or a common game. Think of what would amuse your trade show potentials and go for it. If the games are engaging, are properly executed and have prizes all up for grabs, your trade show will definitely carry the day!

4. Superbly make use of Use video and audio content:

Prepare a simple video-audio presentation for your product that is engaging and captivating and present it to your prospects. Compliment your modular or portable with a simple video kit.

It can be as simple as adding a monitor, monitor mount or a keyboard shelf. With the informative and interactive nature of video presentations, attendees will be drawn to your exhibit like a moth is to a typical light bulb.

trade show booth

5. Impress with Special Effects:

One of the simplest and most pocket-friendly techniques you can use is using special effects to your advantage. For instance, if you are showcasing products, made of natural ingredients, you can maybe play your audience a recording having rainforest sounds. Additionally, you can make use of a spotlight to highlight your exclusive flagship product.


Whether it is a simple small business you run or a respected Fortune 500 firm, trade shows can significantly contribute to the overall success of a business. Through trade fairs, both small and large businesses can showcase their products in a common platform; and one thing about this particular game, it is not about who flashes most funds, it is about who was better prepared. With these few techniques, you should be more than prepared!

Trade Show Display Rental Vs Purchase

Trade shows can be a great source of advertisement and future income if they are approached right and done successfully. For many businesses, trade shows are their bread and butter and well worth the expense to invest in. But the cost for a successful trade show booth can be high and for some businesses it is not necessary to own the exhibit.

For businesses or individuals who are just starting out or are marketing a new product, the cost to purchase a trade show booth outright may be an expense they are not prepared to make. For a successfully established business, trade show dates can overlap and create the need for a temporary second trade show booth rentals. Whatever the reason, if you need a booth but don’t want to buy one, renting a display may be the best solution.

Renting your booth allows you to try different sizes and themes to find what fits your product and services. Some trade show display rentals can be quite complex and heavy, requiring multiple people and hours to set up while others can be simple one-person projects to put up and take down. Renting allows you the luxury of discovering what your needs and wants are before you are committed to one style.

tradeshowboothThe successful display booth should stand out from the other booths nearby and at the same time it should draw the attention of consumers by looking inviting and unique. But most important is that the booth space should be a creative and accurate reflection of the product it is showcasing.

By renting a space you can fine-tune what your display ultimately looks like and what it ultimately says about your product. Remember, when you are putting together a booth you are essentially putting a room together complete with a floor, walls and furniture.

The control over what your space will look like depends on your choices from the size of the display, to its theme. The size of a display you need will of course vary depending on the size of aspace you rent. It is always nice to have a booth to which you can add on for larger space rentals or decrease for smaller space sizes.

Even if you choose to keep your space small and use only a table, you should still utilize every inch of space possible. This includes the space above you with hanging displays that allow your name to stand out above the crowd and make your space easy to navigate to in the hustle and bustle of the show.

If you are not ready for a permanent booth, renting can be the best option available and will allow you to fine-tune what works and weed out what does not. When you are ready to buy your trade show display instead of renting, you will get exactly what you know works.

Computer Trade Show Exhibits

Many years ago there was a trade show called COMDEX.  It stood for “computer dealer’s exhibit”.  It quickly became one of the most well-attended shows worldwide due to all of the technology that was coming out during the tech boom in the 80’s and 90’s.  The appeal was to see what the latest in technology was and how it applied to everyday life.  Most people could not afford the technologies that they found at the trade show exhibit, but they would go to the show anyway just to be blown away by what they found.  Over the years COMDEX lost ground and ultimately went into bankruptcy.  Most technology is not found in computers any

ctia-2015-floor-alteredThe appeal was to see what the latest in technology was and how it applied to everyday life.  Most people could not afford the technologies that they found at the trade show exhibit, but they would go to the show anyway just to be blown away by what they found.  Over the years COMDEX lost ground and ultimately went into bankruptcy.  Most technology is not found in computers any longer, but in consumer electronics.  The “consumer electronics show” has now become what the old COMDEX use to be.  It is very well attended by some of the largest companies in the world, especially technology companies such as Microsoft and Apple.  I was able to attend last year and was able to see many of the products that came out.  The larger companies seemed to have space where the event booth

The “consumer electronics show” has now become what the old COMDEX use to be.  It is very well attended by some of the largest companies in the world, especially technology companies such as Microsoft and Apple.  I was able to attend last year and was able to see many of the products that came out.  The larger companies seemed to have space where the event booth design event display would be very overwhelming.  One such company was Bose.  They had a booth that included an extremely sophisticated theater. People were lined up down the hallway to experience the acoustics inside the theater.

I remember thinking as I waited outside that it must not be very loud on the inside because I couldn’t hear it very well while I waited on the other side of the wall.  Eventually it was my turn to sit inside the theater and watch a movie about some of their products.  I have to admit the sound was incredible and it was extremely loud. Or at least it seemed to be.  As I walked back out amongst the show floor I couldn’t believe that nobody was hearing what was going on inside the theater.  I didn’t understand the technology behind it, but it was an amazing experience.  Other companies such as LG had some pretty amazing things as well.  One was a robot vacuum cleaner.  The robot was so smart that it would memorize the room size and shape only after the first cleaning.  It would sort of feel its way around the room the first time while keeping track of where it could go and where it should not go. Once it had the room memorized it would take a completely different route from then on so that it would maximize the time that it took to vacuum the entire room.  It memorized the map of the room and afterwards optimized it.

This type of exhibit takes up a larger area than most which makes the event display design so important.  Companies get charged by every square foot they need so they need to make sure the space is optimized and useful.  Especially when there needs to be plenty of room for the foot traffic they need as well.  If nobody can get into a particular trade show booth because of lack of room, the company will miss out on valuable customers.

How To Increase sales through A Proper Tradeshow Booth

trade-show-displayTrade show booths can be a great way to introduce your products to many people. Those who have smaller booths and don’t have much design to them often get passed by very quickly. People may not even know your product because there was nothing to lead them into take a look at it. It’s all about being able to increase exposure by having people come into the trade show booth and experiencing something unique while learning about your product.

Some people try to do this through unique gift items but even then that may not be enough to draw in the crowds. By people being able to come into the booth and get good exposure to it allows for your product to be well-known. trade show boothExposure is what many people need to sell the product and the more that you have stopping at the booth can really increase the amount of exposure which in turn increases the amount of possible sales of the products. A properly set up trade show booth will include ways in which people feel comfortable and can provide a way to have hands-on experience of what you probably can do for them. Being creative is sometimes is necessary in order to increase exposure of the product. The matter the type of item you have to sell being able to offer a unique way for people to have a hands-on experience and enjoy a properly event display design is what is key in making it possible. Using a professional company to make your tradeshow display you can really increase the potential of what you can get out of a tradeshow booth.

Having the proper amount of exposure at your tradeshow is the ultimate goal at the show. This is what leads to more sales in the future and potential growth. People go to these tradeshows to learn about project but they also go to be entertained. You have partially an obligation to do both. You need to be able to sell your product expose it and provide information about it but you also need to be able to provide an opportunity to entertain people as they go. This is what helps to increase exposure at these tradeshows if everyone just displayed pamphlets of information it would be torturous for those who attend. But by having some entertainment while still learning about many of the products in the industry it helps to keep attendance way I hope that these tradeshows. It’s these unique trade show displayed that are designed and well thought out booths that keep people coming back every year to see what is going to be the new thing and that are the most enjoyable trade show exhibits. Make sure you are wise with when it comes to getting professional help with your trade show exhibit.

What Kinds Of Display Booths are Best

Depending on your company, there are many different options when it comes to design an event display booth and representing your company at a trade show. There are quite a few characteristics to contemplate as you search for the appropriate model, though once you have identified the key characteristics, creating an event display that makes your company really pop is not a challenge at all, especially if you use IGE Group to create your display booth.

greer-trade-show-boothAs we all are familiar, trade booth displays can take any kind of shape or form. The most important traits of an event display booth is that it makes your company’s name, catch phrases, logo, and purpose really shine so that potential clients and customers are easily able to see the work that you do and the services that you provide. Many companies use pop up displays, banners, flat paneled designs, and other various paraphernalia to make this a reality. Certainly, all display booths vary in size, complexity, cost, and other factors, but all use bold images in order to attract customers and clients and hold them there long enough for a sales representative to give them a pitch or hand them literature about the company.

Depending on your company’s purpose, vision, and mission, there are many variations of the classic trade booth that you can play with in order to make your trade show experience as profitable and exciting for you and your potential customers or clients as possible! First, consider who you are as a business or company. That seems like a straightforward question, but the answer to this question can help identify some of the most important things you need to know when designing your trade booth. For example, if you are a smaller business or company that is looking to emerge into a larger market, you must consider who or what you are currently viewed as versus what you desired to be viewed as. Not only should you stay true to your principles as a company, but you should think about what the competition will bring at said trade shows with their trade show event display booths. You must be prepared for their displays and know how you will make yourself not only stand out but be understood as the company you both are and desire to be.

The most basic part of a trade show display is often the wall surface portion. This section of the event display board is intended to display graphics. The graphics displayed on the back wall section are often a simple graphic itself or a velcro compatible wall on which a variety of images and other products and pieces can easily be affixed. Said products are generally plastic or acrylic in nature. Trade show displays can also include physical structures that are hung from the ceiling over the larger trade show booths. This is certainly a way to attract attention. The use of the full three-dimensional space your company is given can really take your display to the next level!